The current world situation has sunk us into an environment of uncertainty that’s caught us off guard. We don’t quite know what to do or how to proceed, and compounding to the problem is the mainstream media. We rely on it for information and guidance but more and more we are realizing that the only things we are getting from it are conflicting contradiction and more confusion.

The bulk of the news bombarding us, and which many of us choose to share, makes it seem as though certain doom awaits us and that we’re one stress away from collapsing into a mental breakdown.

But there are two aspects that the media won’t cover, or won’t cover it with the same emphasis as the tragedies. While thos aspects are key to our health, they don’t make for catchy headlines, and this is the topic I want to cover. These two aspects concern the following:

  • The power of our immune system – Let’s face it. Rarely will you see experts in primetime news reminding us how powerful our immune systems are. The survivors and those who experienced the event with mild or no symptoms are proof of it. These are fantastic news that should be presented to remind us of our adaptability but, instead, get tainted by the media who would like us to believe even such news are irrelevant because there’s no proof of long term immunity. Granted, there are no established scientific papers on the subject as of yet, but history shows us that the odds are greatly in our favor.
  • The power of our minds – The media wants our attention and they want it at any cost, ethical or not. That means they’ll bombard us with the type of news that capture it by engaging our survival center. Thus, we’re being led to believe that our minds are frail and powerless, when in reality they’re capable of immense feats.

Watch the video as I go in more detail over these aspects, and what we can do to ensure we take good care of our immune system and our mental health.

Until next time, I wish you a joyous, active, and pain-free life.