Policies and Guidelines

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The growth in my practice and the current world situation demand policies and procedures that protect my business, enhance your safety and privacy, minimize your costs, and ensure a pristine and comfortable environment for your therapy.

Bookings and  Rates

Bookings – All bookings conducted via online calendar only. You must have an email address and a mobile number to book. If it’s been 3 or more years since your last visit, you’ll need to book as a new patient. All sessions must be prepaid. New patients 3 sessions minimum. No exceptions. Click HERE to access our online calendar.

Last Minute/Emergency Bookings – Conducted only during office hours and if there’s availability. You must have a prepaid session or discount pack to request a last minute/emergency session.

Cancellations/Rescheduling – 48 Hours (two business days) for all appointments via our online system only. No-Shows or Late-Cancellations will be covered by your prepaid therapy pack.

Manual Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee – Lost your confirmation email? Read the information in THIS LINK before contacting us to cancel/reschedule for you.

Rates – Base Billing Rate: $165 for 45 minutes, and $110 for 30 minutes. This amount is reflected in superbills as well as the discounts you receive from the appropriate packs. Click THIS LINK for the available prepaid therapy packs.

Therapy Pack Discounts – For active military, active police, active fire department, active school teachers, and active fitness professionals. Proof of status required. Refer to THIS LINK for the most up to date information on rates and discounts.

Session Payments

Payment Methods – This is a cash-based practice and we do not accept insurance. You may use a major credit card, debit card, or HSA/FSA for your online purchases. And no, we’ll never charge you convenience fees.

Prepayment – Mandatory for all sessions, no exceptions. Sessions booked without prepayment will be cancelled within two hours during business hours, or when we return to the office when the unpaid sessions are booked after hours.

Medical Billing and Medical Records

Itemized Bills – An itemized bill is usually requested to justify HSA/FSA expenses. It shows treatment date, session length in hours and therapy units (1 therapy unit = 15 minutes), location, total cost, and procedure code (CPT). It is provided to you at the end of your series of sessions in PDF format. Your complete intake form and all respective paperwork must be in your file and your account must be in good standing before you can request an itemized bill. There is no fee for this document unless you lose the email and request a new one, or if you need to change it into a superbill. A clerical fee of $50 must be paid before the new documents are sent.

Superbills – Similar to an itemized bill, except that it is used for insurance reimbursements. Your intake form must be complete, your account in good standing, and you must have a physician referral with the appropriate diagnosis code(s) (ICD-10). This document will not be processed without a proper physician referral in our records. No exceptions. There is no fee for this document unless you lose the email and request a new one, or if you are changing it from an itemized bill. A clerical fee of $50 must be paid before the new documents are sent.

Medical Records – Kept under the highest privacy possible for 3 years after your last visit, as per WAC 246-830-570. No records are released without your written consent.

Other Fees

Extra Clean Up Fee – The following incurs a $50 extra clean-up fee: exercise sweat, hair grooming products, grease, dirt, mud, and topical balms (Bengay, Tiger Balm, Icy patch, etc.). You will be informed. For sanitary reasons, no animals are allowed.

Clerical Fee – For changing itemized bill into superbill, or submitting new copies of either. Also to search and retrieve discount package codes. $50

Companions and Recordings

Companions – Only patients are allowed in the treatment room, except for minors, where a parent/guardian must be present throughout the entire session. Exceptions requested for specific medical cases must have written proof from primary medical provider.

Recordings – Absolutely no recordings of the session in any form or media. Exceptions granted only through mutual legal representation at your expense.

Office and Session Guidelines

Suspecting an Infection? – You may cancel without penalty if you've been exposed, exhibit symptoms of, or suddenly develop an infection. DO NOT SHOW UP if you are symptomatic. You will be dismissed, charged for the session, and/or be permanently banned. Contact us if you are not certain.

Emails, phone calls – Conducted during business hours only. Check website for current business hours. Emails/calls sent over the weekend or holidays won’t be checked until the next available business day. Our main number does not accept Text/SMS messages. Remember this if you’re attempting to contact us.

Location – Know where we are. Click HERE for directions to our office.

Your Outfit – Wear only clean, light workout clothes and socks. Fabrics with lycra or teflon blends, denim, cargo shorts/pants, heavy workout outfits, and office/evening wear interfere with treatment and make your session less productive. Also, wear a suitable facemask. No bandanas. Failure to have a suitable outfit and/or facemask may result in termination of your session with no refunds.

Your Hygiene – Cleanliness is a must as it optimizes the therapy room for you and your fellow patients. Muddy, dusty, greasy, sweaty, and/or malodorous footwear or clothes may result in the termination of your session without refunds.

Signs of Intoxication – Alcohol and other recreational intoxicating substances are detrimental to your healing and treatment. Showing up to your session after consuming them may result in the termination of your session with no refunds and may also result in permanent banning.

Misconduct – Our willingness to be at your service does not equate to tolerance for abuse, defamatory remarks, or any other type of detrimental conduct. Any and all forms of misconduct will be handled by our legal channels to the fullest extent and will also result in permanent banning.

Final Thoughts

While most will see the above as common sense, there is a small group whose disruption to the harmony of our practice made us realize that a handshake was no longer sufficient. Though you may notice the extensiveness of our policies and procedures, rest assured we’ve made every effort to simplify them without falling into the trap of oversimplification.

Thank you in advance for respecting our practice, your fellow patients, and for helping us make this a remarkable healing experience for all. Please Click HERE to download a copy of our policies and procedures for your records.

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Strength Coach, Speaker, and Educator