You’re Fed-up with the Energy-Draining Pain Making your Life Miserable!

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Worse. Nothing seems to help and nobody understands what you’re going through. Some may have gone as far as ignoring your pleas and calling you crazy.

I know because, for many years, I lived through an ordeal of mysterious injuries that interfered with my active lifestyle.

I knew there had to be a reason but that reason eluded me. After much research, thinking outside the box, and a bit of luck, I found help. Those who guided me and helped me regain my active life also inspired me to help others:

  • Eliminate stubborn pains
  • Reclaim the active lifestyle they thought they had to give up
  • Live a fit and pain-free life

I combine over twenty five years of evolving experience and education to carefully scrutinize each case and find clues where none seemed to exist. I firmly believe you don’t have to live confined by  pain.

And now, please allow me to explain how this works

Coach Izzy

Author, Pain Therapist
Strength Coach, Speaker, and Educator
B.S. Exercise Science and Sports Studies
LMT MA 60192810
Mastery in Fascial Counterstrain through the Counterstrain Academy
Proficient in Jones Strain-Counterstrain through the Jones Institute
Neurosomatic Educators – Posturologist, Somatic Therapist
National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Body Work (NCBTMB) – NCTMB
International Cupping Therapy Association (ICTA) – Cupping therapist
Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Nationals Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) – CSCS
Resistance Training Institute – RTS®
Kettlebell Concepts (KBC) – Master Instructor
United States Weightlifting Association (USAW) – Weightlifting Coach, Sports Performance
American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN) – Nutrition Specialist
Pre/Post Natal Fitness

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