My Story

Let me tell you how I stumbled upon the powerful therapies that changed my life to the point I changed my career path.

My physically active life was jam-packed with unexplainable injuries. Worse, taking precautions never made a difference. I was labeled reckless and unlucky but I always knew there had to be a real cause.

Throughout the years I had to cope with injuries in the:

Lumbar discs
Sacroiliac joints
Hip joint
Shoulder joint
Knee joint

And a boatload of back pains, neck pains, dysfunctions, you name it!

I Sought Help!

Every injury rekindled my quest for answers as to why I could not catch a break, or why one area recovered only to have another one flare up. I was always met with the same reactions:

“Go to Physical Therapy.” – Never made a substantial difference

“Take these pills.” – Imagine angry cats sliding down your entrails

“Stop [Olympic lifting, kettlebells, martial arts, or whatever activity I was doing] and look for something easier.” – I hated this answer because it was usually followed by…

“Maybe it’s all in your head.” – Really?

Why couldn’t anyone help me?

It wasn’t until I suffered a major knee injury that my world was turned upside down. I was in pain and I needed answers badly. I nagged and implored until I was given a referral for a highly touted Specialist.

I was stoked! Finally, an expert was going to help me figure out this mess. I could hardly wait for my appointment. Was this the light at the end of the tunnel?

What a Bubble Buster!

The Specialist was two hours late, barely glanced at my knee, and wouldn’t answer my questions. He simply gave me a prescription for stronger meds, more physical therapy, and walked away.

My best hope was just another dead end!

I knew then, that it was completely up to me to find the solution.

I Was in Despair ...

In five months my knee felt no different and I despised the thought of being limited for the rest of my life. I also despised the thought of substituting my athletic activities for the zombie-fitness recommended as safe.

It did not make sense! Why would this body of ours, this magnificent structure, fail to heal? Something was missing from the picture. The answers were out there and I had to find them!

I owed it to myself and to my clients, many of who lived with afflictions similar to mine. Their patterns were faithfully identical:

They enthusiastically started training
They made great progress
 Mysterious pains flared up
 Pain forced them to take time off
They started over only to be stopped again by the same issue
If the issue resolved, a new one appeared!

It was a frustrating vicious cycle and it was time to stop it!

I Made It my Mission to Find the Answers Once and for All!

I was DONE with conventional approaches! I ventured outside the box and sought the wisdom of therapists delivering their patients from the misery of pain through different means. My quest led me to successful healing professionals who became my teachers and shared their knowledge and secrets with me.

I learned that the solution to most pains is simpler than we think, and that much of what we accept as truth has weak grounds for validation. You may be interested to know that:

Age has little effect on pain
The painful area is rarely the source of the problem
Pains rarely resolve on their own
A popular exercise belief exacerbates the very issues it tries to address

And that was just the beginning! For five months, I had been dealing with a painful knee, slow recovery, and no answers. My teachers approached my issue with a simplicity that made me skeptical. Could it be that easy? Could all the experts be that wrong?

What Do You Know!

Within one week, 95% of my knee pain virtually disappeared
Within two weeks, I ditched the knee brace
Within one month, I resumed challenging physical activities
Within two months, I was back to high intensity training

As if that wasn’t enough, my back, neck, and shoulder pains went away, and I stopped getting mysteriously injured! I knew this was too good to keep to myself and to a privileged few. I’ve been fully immersed in the world of therapy since.

But my love with the manual therapy field is not based on a method, but rather, on the results. That’s why why I’ve chosen Counterstrain as my favorite modality. Its vastness and power, not to mention its ability to almost-miraculously resolve some of the most frustrating cases I’ve ever encountered, caught my attention.

That doesn’t mean I believe Counterstrain is infallible or better than other modalities. Even as the field of Counterstrain evolves almost on a daily basis and I continue studying it, I also explore other therapeutic modalities. After all, my only loyalty is to my mission: To help you regain hope, reclaim your active lifestyle, and live a fit and pain-free life.

Thank you for your time and I wish you an amazing day.

Author, Pain Therapist
Strength Coach, Speaker, and Educator