Your First Visit – What is it like?

You've heard about my practice and are ready to try it. But … How do you set up a session? What do you need to tell me? Is the treatment uncomfortable? What should you expect?

The video above gives you a great overview, but if you prefer written details, I’m happy to oblige.

Who Am I?

I started my career as a strength and conditioning coach 25 years ago for one reason: I wanted you to experience the joy and vigor that skilled strength training brought to my life. I’m a man whose life-mission is to help you live a more energetic and fulfilled life.

There was no greater joy than witnessing lives transforming for the better thanks to the implementation of a well-designed strength program.

But there was an aspect that marred this joy from time to time: Unpredictable injuries. No matter how careful I was, injuries materialized inexplicably. Worse, the experts couldn’t come up with a logical explanation, let alone an effective solution.

When those mysterious injuries started affecting my own life and conventional medicine couldn’t help me, I knew it was time to find my own answers. My journey brought me to the Manual Therapy field ten years ago, which not only helped me heal but also inspired me to pursue it.

What is It that I Do, Exactly?

I mastered many modalities but Counterstrain made such an impact, that it’s now my preferred, and pretty much only, choice.

Occasionally, I’ll employ some other equally gentle and effective fascial techniques but in terms of precision and efficiency, Counterstrain remains unbeatable.

I invite you to read my articles to get the inside scoop in this vast and fascinating field. I can guarantee you that after our session, you’ll be referring to them frequently.

And speaking of session, it is time to schedule it.

How to Schedule Your Sessions

Technology makes this easy. No need to play phone-tag or engage in lengthy calls. My online schedule is live and real-time, available 24/7, and there’s even a quick video to show you how simple it is.

You may go to the booking page now or you may continue exploring.

Preparing for your Session

You’ll be receiving all the instructions once you book your session. Please review the paperwork thoroughly and arrive in my office at least five minutes before your scheduled time.

Our First Few Minutes

What a thrill to get to know you and learn about you. We’ll review your history, go over your symptoms, and more important, you’ll get the chance to tell me, in your own words, what you’re experiencing.

I will then answer your preliminary questions and get you settled and comfortable on my custom-designed treatment table.

By the way, my treatment table has received rave reviews and I think you’ll agree once you experience its comfort and flexibility.

The Cranial Scan

This is where the magic begins. The cranial scan is—at this point—the most accurate assessment method I have yet mastered.

The cranial scan tells me both the system and the part of the system harboring the dysfunctions or reflex arcs. The best part is that YOU will also feel the difference as the treatment progresses.

The Treatment Itself

Once the scan tells me the system and location, I let anatomy guide me to the most likely culprit. I palpate specific segments for tender points that confirm the existence of reflex arcs. We will both know when I find them.

I then proceed with gentle glides or compressions, some close to the tender point, some away, and some in the opposite side. It all depends on the structure receiving indirect treatment.

I will hold on to the glide or compression until the reflex arcs shut off—usually from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Once I finish, you’ll notice that the area that was tender, hypertonic, and rigid at the beginning is now pain-free, flexible, and pliable.

The effectiveness of such a gentle motion delivering so much relief contradicts the belief that manual therapy should be grueling.

I will then continue to the next segment or return to the cranial scan for further evaluation, repeating this process throughout the length of our session.

After the Treatment

At this point, I will have a much better idea of how your body responds and we’ll go over a treatment plan. I’ll inform you on what you may experience after the treatment, your involvement in physical activities, and your follow-up visits. You’ll leave my office with a new appreciation for your body, a new understanding on what has been triggering or perpetuating your dysfunctions, and a new respect for the healing process.

That’s it! No surprises or mysteries. I look forward to seeing you in my practice, and it all starts with you scheduling your session. I very much look forward to showing you how amazing Counterstrain is.

Yes, I mentioned I’d tell you why I chose Counterstrain over other modalities. CLICK HERE to learn how my own story led me there.

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