Counterstrain Therapy is an amazing healing catalyst. While this incredible modality optimizes your physiology to direct its resources to your healing, the greatest extent of the process starts the moment the session is completed. I have found SOMA Breathwork to be an unbeatable ally to help you guide your body into the state where the healing sparked by Counterstrain can be optimized and even enhanced. Scroll down for all your options.

Counterstrain Therapy

This sixty (60) minute session is your first step to a pain-free life.

We’ll review your history, concerns, and commence treatment. You’ll leave with a new understanding and respect for your body and a plan of action.

Make this session more effective

  • Learn about the process – Get acquainted with what’s covered in the How It Works page.
  • Get acquainted with Counterstrain – Start with this article and follow as many as you can. Your understanding will allow us to spend more time in your treatment.
  • Have Your Documents Ready –  Visit this page to download the packet, which also includes a checklist and our policies.

Sixty (60) minutes of Counterstrain for established patients only.

Ideal for post-ops, acute pains, those who have not received treatment in over four months, post-competition recovery, older patients, and those dealing with systemic conditions, or as recommended.

Make this session more effective

  • Continue learning – You may be familiar with the basics but the more you understand Counterstrain, the more you’ll benefit.
  • Follow the recommendations – Not only the ones given for your specific case, but also the ones included in your follow-up emails.

Forty-five (45) minutes of Counterstrain for established patients only.

Ideal for frequent care, younger patients, physically fit individuals, or as recommended.

Make this session more effective

  • Proactive Prevention – Experience shows me that monthly maintenance sessions, strength training, meditation, sound nutrition, and outdoor activities make the body more responsive to treatment. Add this to continuous learning and following the recommendations, and you'll enjoy extended periods of optimal health.

SOMA Breathwork

Discover Breathwork is an online forty-five minute session is designed to help you experience the power of breathwork in your healing. You will have access to the recording for one week so you may continue practicing.

Breathwork has made such a difference in my life and health that I decided to explore it and guide others to its benefits. You will notice immediate positive effects in the parasympathetic aspect of your autonomic nervous system, which is in charge of rest and healing.

Get the Most out of Breathwork

  • Learn about the process – It was a severe illness what gave me the first glimpse at how powerful breathwork can be for healing. I share the events, breathwork mechanics, and precautions in the Breathwork for Healing - The Why blog post. Read it and enjoy.
  • Start Practicing – Intellectual understanding becomes knowledge only when put to practice. Visit the post Breathwork for Healing - The How where you'll find instructions and a breathwork session that you can follow on your own.
  • Join us  – Check the calendar for the next live online session where I'll share the latest and guide you into learning how to let your body heal.

Breathwork Foundations is a 3-Online Session Series of one hour each, where we expand on the concepts presented on Discover Breathwork and help you get connected with the healing aspect of your physiology at a deeper level. Students will have access to the recordings for 2 months so that they can continue practicing.

You will learn how to bring your body into homeostasis and also learn to recognize and shut-off the perceptual patterns that continuously and insidiously trigger the sympathetic aspect of your autonomic nervous system, thereby perpetuating inflammation, pain, and dysfunction.

The Foundations Journey

  • Session One – Learn how perceptions directly affect your physical health. Discover why Carbon Dioxide is crucial for our overall health and how to identify whether you're using it properly or not. Optimize your breath mechanics and use your breath to shut off the erratic mind.
  • Session Two – The effects of perception on brain health and function, why will power alone cannot get us out of established perceptual patterns and imprints, and learn additional techniques that will get you into optimal homeostasis even faster.
  • Session Three – Putting it all together to reconnect with the dormant aspect in charge of our healing. Not only will we guide our bodies to blissful healing states, we will also learn not to interfere with the process.

  • Click HERE to join the next Breathwork Foundations series.

As One is a monthly fully-guided online session where we apply SOMA Breathwork to specific intentions.  Familiarity with SOMA Breathwork principles is essential.

For instance, if applying the power of breathwork to reconnect with your self-appreciation during times when others feel unworthy makes sense to you, then this session is for you.

On the other hand, if you have no idea what I just meant, I'd recommend taking the Breathwork Foundations series.

Only then will you understand how this session is designed by science principles to help us regulate an erratic autonomic nervous system. This in turn helps us reconnect to the intangible elements of the subconscious where we find peace, safety, and healing.

These sessions last approximately one hour–ample time to maximize this re-connection. Not only will you experience immense joy, peace, and clarity, but you'll start embodying the concept that safety is within us. You will have access to the recording for 2 weeks so you may continue the journey.

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I look forward to the chance of helping you reclaim the pain-free life you deserve!

Author, Pain Therapist
Strength Coach, Speaker, and Educator