Temporary Measures During COVID-19

These are the steps I’m taking to maximize our safety. I’ll be doing extensive cleaning and disinfecting prior, in between, and after therapy sessions. I modified my schedule to accommodate for these necessary but time-demanding activities. These measures are subject to change based on the latest updates or notifications from the CDC and the department of health. If you’re in my email list, you’ll be notified. If not, you’ll see the date of the latest modification(s).

  • Social Distancing – You and all your household members must have observed social distancing guidelines for at least three weeks prior to your session. No exceptions!
  • Masks – Mandatory, no exceptions!
  • Clean Socks – Bring a clean pair of socks for your session.
  • Clean Clothes – Bring a change of clean clothes if you're arriving from running errands or being outside. If you're coming directly from home you should be fine.
  • Lobby – DO NOT enter the lobby! Call 206-201-2989 Ext 101 when you arrive and I’ll notify you when to come in.
  • Payments – All sessions must be prepaid. Pay at the time of booking if you don’t have a pack. Sessions not paid within two hours of booking will be cancelled.
  • Personal Belongings – Your belongings and shoes will remain outside my office.
  • Minimize – Leave jewelry and accessories at home. This means necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair pins, etc. Watches are okay but you’ll have to remove them during treatment.
  • Bags – No bags or backpacks allowed.
  • Companions – No companions allowed.
  • Hand Washing – You’ll be asked to wash your hands upon arrival.
  • Planning on Testing? – Do not schedule until all testing is completed. Cancel all scheduled sessions until all testing is completed.
  • Tested? – Do not schedule if you’re waiting for results from a recent Covid-19 testing. Schedule only if your test result is negative.
  • Symptomatic? – If you're experiencing fever or any form of Upper Respiratory Infection, cancel your session. Reschedule only after you’ve been cleared by your physician.
  • Exposed? – If you or any of your family members have been exposed, cancel your session and wait until you’re fully cleared by a physician.
  • My Word is Final - And I reserve the right to refuse service if I feel the situation is not safe.

Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we can protect our health and the health of those who are more vulnerable. Though I know deep in my heart that these measure are only temporary because this will eventually pass, I do not know—nor does anyone—when this will exactly be. The best we can do is remain calm, exercise caution, and take care of each other.

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