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The Issue of the Small Hemipelvis

To say that I am not touched by your comments and questions would be an understatement. Thank you for sharing the post with your friends and I’m happy many of you are forwarding it to your pediatricians.

Getting back to business, in the previous installment we learned how prevalent Leg Length Inequalities (LLIs) are. Yep, up to 90% of the world population has a form of LLI and a significant number of folks who suffer from stubborn chronic pains exhibit one in the range of 4 mm or more.



But, is it also coincidence they find relief once they correct the discrepancy?

There is also another structural issue, frequently accompanying LLIs, that exacerbates or perpetuates chronic pain.

Its effects are commonly manifested in the back and neck regions creating the most problems when seated. This may not seem like a big deal for those who are active, but let’s not forget we are talking about kids, and kids spend significant time seated while in school. It is referred to as Small Hemipelvis and just like LLIs, it remains largely ignored despite being easily identified.

In case you are wondering how in the world your kids would have a LLI or Small Hemipelvis, it is time to look at your own body. Those issues are congenital, and ruling out any trauma, chances are that if your kids have a LLI, either you or your spouse, or the grandparents, also have LLIs. No need to take it personally, it is what it is.

In part 2 of 3 of this series, Paul, Randy, and Wade discuss the above points more in depth and show you how it is properly corrected. Enjoy!

Many of you have been inquiring about LLI X-Rays. I have great news for you! I have the support of one of the top radiologists in the area.

Doctor Manfred Henne, founder of InHealth Imaging, LLC (amazing facilities way ahead of their times) is now performing the Leg Length Studies for my clients using the protocols you saw in the video. If you suspect you or your kids may have a LLI, please contact me so we can set up and appointment and determine whether you need images or not.

The next and last installment is one likely to create controversy with some of the revelations.

Don’t miss it.

I’ll see you on the exercise floor!