Ah, yes, my new office. Sounds so grownup; doesn’t it?

It was but a few months ago that this felt like yet another someday dream. What’s the rush? I thought. I had just moved my Fascial-Counterstrain practice from my home office to a part-time space and business was going well. Though it didn’t seem necessary, I couldn’t help thinking what it’d be like to have a fulltime office, something that could be 100% my own, a place where I could not only help those who seek my expertise in the pain therapy and strength conditioning fields, but also where I could unleash my creativity without interruptions.

Yes, you probably also know I’m a writer and author, busy writing articles and books. I had relegated my writing to the days I wasn’t at my practice and took advantage of my membership at OfficeXpats. Yet inspiration is capricious and often strikes when we least expect it. That meant that many times it showed up not necessarily when I had planned it, but when I didn’t have access to all my resources.

I imagined what it’d be like to have it all under one roof, to have more days available for my clients. My practice kept growing and to my dismay, I had to turn sessions down because of my limited access to the treatment room.

I knew the time to expand was approaching.

But man … Fear! Ever present—telling me it wasn’t a good idea. It cautioned me that the investment was major, that I was risking too much, that it wasn’t worth it.

Come late June 2014. I had the privilege of attending Tony Robbins’ UPW event in San Jose, CA. It was a generous gift to the advanced students enrolled in Tim Hodges Fascial Counterstrain Internship program. Tony himself is a big fan of Fascial Counterstrain and knows Tim personally.

I took my best friend and love of my life, my wife Kat to this life-changing weekend. The night of the first day, we walked on fire and life has not been the same since. We returned home to a new life.

That’s when I made the commitment to move to a new space. I had vaguely mentioned to Sal DeRosalia, owner and head coach of Outcome Athletics, that I was contemplating a full time office. We talked casually but didn’t set dates. When Kat and I returned from UPW, Sal was one of the first people I contacted. I was determined and my official date was projected to September 1st, 2014.

I’m sure you recall the post when I made the announcement. What if it’s not finished by then? I thought as I posted the picture of the bare walls and wooden planks. These projects can get unpredictable but I was determined to see this to completion.

I’ll be honest. As the weeks went by, it all seemed unreal, even up to last week. It felt as though I’d remain in my part-time space. Construction was moving along but it as the end of summer approached, there was quite a bit to still complete.

There was no going back. I had already terminated my previous lease and I had to clear out all my belongings by August 31st. What would I do? But one thing I’ve learned is that we can either focus on the problem or in creating the solution. I chose the latter and I arranged a temporary space in the same building.

The week felt surreal, getting acquainted with my new surroundings, savoring the feeling of transitioning, and remaining calm in the face of not being fully settled. To my surprise, what I thought would take another month was completed in less than one week. Once Sal gave me the green light, Kat and I worked over the weekend to turn the space into a fully functioning office.

And it’s done!

It still feels unreal but I’m enjoying every moment. You’ve got to check this out:

Spacious room with hardwood floors with plenty of natural daylight (yes!) without compromising your privacy. The whiteboard close to the head of the table allows me to illustrate my treatments and review the fine anatomical details required to master Fascial-Counterstrain.

Want absolute privacy and remove all outside interruptions? These awesome heavy duty curtains will do the trick.

What I’m truly excited about is how my productivity has already increased exponentially! Having all my books and journals in one place helps me figure out complex cases with more efficiency.

I love my new desk! I can record my observations and conclusions for future discussion topics. When my therapy day is wrapped up, I dedicate my time to my writing.

By the way, if you ever stop by and don’t know whether to knock my door or not, the sign should clarify any doubts.

If you need directions to get to my office, please visit my Contact Page for an excellent map and more detailed instructions.

As to me, the best is yet to come!

Now that my time and energy are consolidated, I’ll be able to once again start coaching Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Lifting.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. This couldn’t have happened without your support encouragement.

I continue learning and building to serve you better.

Here’s to a fit and pain-free life.