What is the most beautiful aspect of the healing process?

That most of it is within your control!

But this does not mean you cannot benefit from expert guidance. On the contrary, a qualified health expert, like a fully-trained Counterstrainer, can help you figure out not only the steps of your treatment plan, but also what to do when you need flexibility—and by flexibility I’m not referring to range of motion, but rather, to adaptability.

Let’s face it, there will be times when your detailed set of instructions will fail you and you’ll have no choice but to improvise. Take for instance, the all too common scenario of therapeutic back exercises. If the back exercises that made you feel good yesterday flare you up today, what do you do?

What Influences Your Counterstrain Treatment Plan?

And this is where I come in. Together, we will look at the individual factors that influence your treatment plan. These factors ultimately determine the number and frequency of therapy sessions, your return to physical activities, and length of your recovery. They include:

Your medical history – If you have a history of systemic conditions (MS, Lyme disease, Crohn’s, Celiac, severe allergies, etc.), intensive treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, large doses of antibiotics, etc.), multiple surgeries, or multiple traumas, you’re more likely to require longer treatment or more frequent sessions.

Length of the dysfunction – In general, the longer you’ve been harboring a dysfunction, the longer it will take to uncover all compensatory layers, more so if you’re not physically fit. Keep in mind that the time you experienced symptoms is not necessarily the time you’ve harbored the dysfunction.

Age – In general, the older you are, the greater the number of dysfunctions you may have, thus, the greater the number of therapy session you’ll need, more so if you aren’t physically fit.

Previous exposure – If you have received Counterstrain in the past, you’re more likely to respond faster, even if the previous treatment was for a completely different dysfunction.

Physical fitness – In my experience, physically fit individuals heal the fastest, regardless of age or other factors. They usually need the fewest therapy sessions and they hold on to results longer.

What is your Counterstrain Treatment Plan Composed of?

Once we have identified the extent of your individual factors during your initial session and screening, we’ll discuss your treatment plan. Our talk will cover these most common components:

Number, frequency, and length of sessions – Based on our findings, we’ll be meeting once or twice per week for a determined number of therapy sessions. The number and length of those sessions may vary depending on how you respond.

Rest time – In general, a forty-eight to seventy-two hour rest period is recommended after a Counterstrain session. Based on your response, this rest period may be shortened or remain the same.

Strength training – My role is to explain to you the unseen dimensions of strength training, how it is all in your control, and then refer you to a qualified professional, if you don’t have one already, for supervised exercise. The exercise professional will help you with relevant exercises and alternatives. If you’re taking your initial steps into a more active lifestyle, or reclaiming it after an extensive hiatus, you will need the supervision of qualified professionals.

Lifestyle – Just like strength training, lifestyle factors are within your full control and play a crucial role in your healing. They consist of restful sleep, proper nutrition, stress management, and others. Most people who fail to heal also fail at one or more of the aforementioned factors. How do they influence your healing? The answer was previously discussed in this post.

At this point it should be clear how the components of your treatment plan can benefit from expert guidance. It should also be clear that no matter how comprehensive the treatment plan, the results are ultimately within your control. And that’s quite empowering.

Until next time, may you enjoy a fit and pain-free life!