What's the Common Factor I've Found in All Complex Pain Cases?

Chaotic Perception!

Yep, perception from an erratic mind busy creating doom.

Regardless of how chaotic perception manifests—be it chronic stress, anxiety, frustration, irritability, etc.—its inflammatory biochemistry is the most disruptive physiological phenomenon I’ve yet encountered. The pro-inflammatory proteins released by chaotic perception are so powerful that not only do they interfere with healing but also diminish or nullify the effects of healing modalities.

But there's Good News!

There is a lot that we can do to tame chaotic perception because ...

Perception is 100% Within Our Control

How we interpret—or perceive—situations and surroundings is dictated by our personality, habits, upbringing, and life experiences. That means that WE, as individuals, have the power to change the aspects of our perception that interfere with our enjoyment of life and our healing, but we fail to do so because we make it too complicated.

In reality, while the ability to consistently shut off chaotic perception requires a bit of practice, it is not a difficult skill to master because ...

All We Need to Do is Return to the Present Moment

Chaotic perception is trapped in the loop of recreating past offenses or imagining future catastrophes. That means that our minds are assuming threats in distant dimensions, detached from the present moment where our bodies are. Since our brains cannot tell whether the threat is actual or imagined, we’ll engage the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is in charge of the survival response.

The Result?

  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Immune system suppression
  • Digestion and absorption suppression
  • Flooding our bodies with the powerful biochemistry of fight or flight

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the above responses since they’re meant to prepare us to physically confront or escape a threat. However, they’re designed to be on for only short periods. The biochemistry of fight or flight favors survival over all other functions and consumes the majority of our physiological resources. When chronically engaged by chaotic perception, it compromises the integrity and health of the rest of our systems and our overall health.

To turn the survival response off, we have to let the mind and body feel the safety of the present moment.

And This is Where SOMA Breathwork Shines!

By combining rhythmic breathing, soothing music, and breath retention, SOMA Breathwork puts the breaks on the erratic mind and starts to reel it back, thus dampening sympathetic responses and restoring homeostasis. This allows our bodies to let go of the survival responses and divert their resources to our healing and restoration.

I've Lived This in The Flesh

I consider myself a Type-A, control freak, perfectionist in recovery, so I’m well acquainted with the miserable health created by chaotic perception. But I’m also familiar with what is like to reclaim my energy, sleep, creativity, joy, peace and health through the practice of SOMA breathwork.

Did I mention that SOMA Breathwork is a superb complement to Counterstrain therapy?

Counterstrain—and pretty much all healing modalities—are unbeatable in jump-starting the healing process, but healing can only continue if we supply the proper environment. Learning to tame chaotic perception will go a long way in ensuring longer-lasting, more powerful results from treatment sessions.

Is SOMA Breathwork for You?

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from the practice of SOMA Breathwork, but I also understand that it may not be for everyone. Only you get to determine that.

The healing potential of SOMA Breathwork is vast, and while this session is a great start, more training is needed to fully enjoy all its benefits. This can only happen if you feel it’s the right choice for you and you are excited about it. That’s why I offer you this introductory experience.

Join Us from the Comfort of Your Home

This fully guided, live, Zoom session lasts roughly 45 minutes but participants wish they could go longer. There are times when it's nice to finish a great experience without having to go anywhere. This is one of those times.

But... What if?

You can join us from the comfort of your home! There are times when it's nice to finish a great experience without having to go anywhere. This is one of those times.

But ... What if?

  • You can’t make it on the scheduled dates?
  • You need to leave earlier?
  • The session times are too early or too late for you?

No problem! I will give you access to the recording for ten days. You may continue reviewing and practicing all the components of this amazing skill at your convenience.

Discover the Power of Breathwork

I would love nothing more than for you to experience the indescribable peace, energy, and healing that SOMA Breathwork has brought to my life. We all deserve them, and for me, the practice of breathwork was the key. I’m certain it’ll be for you as well.

Until then, I wish you a joyous and pain-free life.

Coach Izzy - Certified Counterstrain Therapist

Certified Counterstrain Therapist (CSC I)
SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor
Author, Speaker, and Educator

If you prefer to fully immerse in SOMA Breathwork or have already done the Discover session and want to reclaim your power over your healing, please join my 3-Week Foundations class.