Let Go, Reconnect, and Heal with ...

Remember those times you asked me what you can do to prolong the amazing relief you experience after your Counterstrain sessions?

This is it!

This guided online 3-Session Series will immerse you in the delicious science behind Breathwork and reconnect you with the dormant aspect of your physiology that's in charge of your healing.

You will experience what it’s like to turn your physiology into a healing ally and will also learn to recognize and shut off the perceptual patterns that insidiously trigger the proverbial monkey mind.

The Monkey Mind?

Yes, the monkey mind! This erratic state of mind is now in the sights of the healthcare world because of the damage it causes. The inability to calm the flood of incoherent thoughts creates confusion, restlessness, and a cascade of physiological responses that disrupt sleep, digestion, assimilation, and perpetuate inflammation, pain, and dysfunction. The physiology of the monkey mind is so intrusive that it can even nullify the benefits of any therapeutic modalities.

It is time to break the perceptual loops interfering with your healing. SOMA Breathwork has made such a difference in my own health and in the health of my loved ones that I’m eager to show you what it can do for you.

The Best Part?

You can join us from the comfort of your home! There are times when it's nice to finish a great experience without having to go anywhere. This is one of those times.

But ... What if?

  • You can’t make it on the scheduled dates?
  • You need to leave earlier?
  • The session times are too early or too late for you?

No problem! I will give you access to the recordings for two months. You may continue reviewing and practicing all the components of this amazing skill at your convenience.

What's in There for You?

I created this program because I consider myself a type-A, control freak, perfectionist in recovery. Not only have I experienced the miserable health created by the constant anxiety, stress, and frustration of the monkey mind, but I've also experienced how being guided out of those states transformed my life. My sleep, recovery, creativity, energy, and joy have increased substantially, as well as the benefits I experience when I receive therapeutic modalities.

It is my privilege to share with you the lessons and experiences that brought me to new levels of healing. The Let Go, Reconnect, and Heal SOMA Breathwork Foundations program is divided into three practical sessions:

Session One – Let Go (45 Minutes)

It's time to let go of perceptual patterns and imprints that disconnect you from calmness, joy, creativity and healing. In this session you will:

Learn how erratic perceptual patterns affect more than emotional states, where they came from, and how to let them go.
Discover how our unconscious actions can turn life-sustaining oxygen into a harmful element.
 Fine tune and optimize your breathing mechanics.
Discover the importance of Carbon Dioxide in our health, learn where your current tolerance is, and how to improve it.
Learn a quick calming technique and enjoy an amazing breathwork session to guide you into rest, calmness, and healing.

Session Two – Reconnect (60 Minutes)

It's time to redirect your awareness from monkey-mindedness to your healing potential. In this session you will:

Discover the power of intermittent hypoxia training, nitric oxide, and how to optimize them for health and healing.
Learn why trying to change perceptual patterns and imprints through willpower alone is virtually futile.
Learn an invigorating breath technique for those times where your energy is lagging.
Enjoy an exclusive and more powerful breathwork session with new elements to help you reconnect with the dormant elements in charge of your healing.

Session Three – Heal (75 Minutes)

We put it all together in one amazing event. In this session you will:

Master the key to continuously reconnect with the healing elements of your physiology.
Learn to recognize established perceptual patterns and imprints when they’re sneaking in.
Discover additional ways to improve your breathing and health.
Enjoy our most powerful breathwork session yet, where we put all the elements together so you may enjoy a deeper connection with yourself, enjoy higher blissful states, and learn not to interfere with the healing process.

It's Time to Tap the Healing Within You

There is something that I noticed in all of my complex pain cases since I entered the pain therapy field in 2007.

Every single one dealt with harmful perceptual patterns

Whether chronic stress, PTSD, depression, or behavioral propensities, these cases exhibited perceptual patterns that manifested as pain from inflamed joints, poor organ function, poor sleep and recovery, sexual dysfunction, or autoimmune issues that could not be alleviated long term. What's more concerning, the grand majority had dealt with those perceptual patterns for so long, that they did not even notice them. And the few that did notice them and tried to change them, saw only short-term success.

The problem is that they had tried to change their perceptual patterns from the analytical side.

And This is a Crucial Mistake Because ...

Perceptual patterns do not belong in the analytical side.

If this were the case, reading a book or following a bullet point seminar would be more than enough to create permanent change but practical experience has shown that this is rarely the case. Perceptual patterns and imprints live in our subconscious and that's where we have to go to replace them. While there are many effective techniques to help you get there, I've found SOMA Breathwork the easiest to master and most productive to achieve this goal.

I Was Skeptical at First

I had heard of Breathwork back in 2015, but dismissed it as new-age, hippie cockamamie.  It was only the guidance from European scientists what led me to explore it as I sought ways to heal from the devastating effects of a severe COVID-19 episode back in March of 2020. When Breathwork helped me regain my health in two weeks, I started exploring it more and saw its enormous potential in the multiple dimensions of overall health. I only wished I had paid attention in 2015. It would've saved me boatloads of pain, injuries, illnesses, not to mention the substantial cash I spent trying to get others to heal what only I could heal.

This is the answer to your question about what you can do to extend the relief and benefits of your Counterstrain sessions. There's so much you can do for your own healing and I'm stoked about guiding you in this journey.

I'm so looking forward to you experiencing the indescribable peace, energy, and healing that SOMA Breathwork has brought to my life. We are all deserving of those incredible states and the incredible health they create.

Until then, I wish you a joyous and pain-free life.

Author, Pain Therapist
Strength Coach, Speaker, and Educator