Let the Power of SOMA Breath Boost
Your Healing with ...

Maybe you’ve heard about breathwork and want to take the plunge. Or maybe you felt so amazing after Discover Breathwork that you now want to make it a regular part of your life.

Either way, I’m very much looking forward to guiding you. I’ve designed this 3-Session Series to help you tap into the healing ally that exists in all of us.

No, I’m not talking about some outlandish esoteric force.

Rather, I’m talking about the ability to reclaim our attention from one of the most destructive—yet self-inflicted—aspects of our physiology, and that is...

The Physiology of Chaotic Perception

Whether you’ve already heard this in Discover Breathwork, or if this is a new concept to you, hang in there. You are about to learn how something so obvious gets dismissed when it affects our health.

Maybe the Following are Familiar to You

  • Chronic Anxiety – Even when things seem under control.
  • Constant Fatigue – Regardless of how much rest you get.
  • Poor Sleep – Despite supplements or mattresses.
  • Poor Digestion – Even after removing every possible dietary offender.
  • Weak Immunity – Despite all the vitamins and supplements.
  • Persistent Pains and Dysfunctions – Despite your exercises and stretches.
  • Inability to Experience Long-Term Relief – From any healing modalities, regardless of the frequency or the length of the sessions.

The list is more extensive but you get the idea. The above tend to be attributed to external changeable factors such as environment, diet, or exercise. They can also be attributed to factors we cannot change or control, such as age or genetics.

And, yes, those factors must be taken into account when helping those overcoming their health issues. However...

There Is Something of Concern

That I consistently observe in cases of complex pain and dysfunction. When 3 or more of the described symptoms appear in the same case, the physiological system demanding priority is the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, that is, the division in charge of the fight or flight response. That means only one thing:

The Patient Is Caught in Chaotic Perception

This also means that even after Counterstrain restores physiological functions and calmness, the relief won’t last long. The patient will soon return with similar or different symptoms—all of which will require treatment of the sympathetic division to be resolved.

As I researched and learned more about the quirks of the autonomic nervous system, I came to a sobering and humbling conclusion:

That while my treatments had a positive impact on the sympathetic division, I could not affect how the patient perceived the events that flared up their bodies because...

Perception is 100% The Patient's Responsibility

This was all too familiar. As a type-A, control freak, perfectionist in recovery, I have experienced the miserable health created by the constant anxiety, stress, and frustration of chaotic perception. Despite my disciplined lifestyle and regular use of healing modalities, I frequently experienced upper respiratory infections that needed extensive recoveries, poor sleep, fatigue, joint pain, and inflammation. The nail in the coffin was an intense episode of COVID19 in mid-February of 2020.

That's When I Paid the Price for my Chaotic Mind

It took me over 6 weeks to get over the symptoms, and I was a wreck after. I had lost close to 20 lbs., could barely move without gasping for breath, and my strength had hit rock bottom.

I could not understand how what I thought was a healthy lifestyle had failed to protect me, but I was determined to heal. My research led me to European scientists who touted the benefits of breathwork to heal from COVID19 so I decided to give it a shot.

Within 10 days, I felt significant improvements in my energy, stamina, and strength. After 3 weeks I was pretty much back to normal. Around that time, I was finally able to receive Counterstrain to finish draining trapped inflammation and I’ve been fine since.

Breathwork had made such a difference in my recovery that I needed to find out more. My search led me to SOMA Breath and I learned not only about the fascinating physiology of breath and all its paradoxes, but I also learned how, over the years, my chaotic mind had created so much inflammation that it was no surprise that I reacted to COVID19 the way I did.

But There Was a Silver Lining

Not only did SOMA Breath help me restore my physiological health, but it also provided me with the tools to tame chaotic perception. Learning to turn off unnecessary survival responses is one of the most valuable skills I continue mastering. It’s improved my life, and my health so much that not guiding others feels irresponsible.

So, This is What I Have for You

This fully guided, live, online 3-Session Series will immerse you in the delicious science of SOMA Breath and guide you into how to transform your perception into a healing ally.

It is my privilege to share with you the lessons and experiences that brought me to new levels of healing. The Reclaim and Reconnect, Let Go, and Heal Breathwork Foundations program is divided into three practical sessions:

Session One – Reclaim and Reconnect (60 Minutes)

Your portal to the healing world of SOMA Breath. In this session you will:

Recognize the physiological signs of chaotic perception and why we’re oblivious to them.
Discover what chaotic perception does to our bodies.
 Recognize when our minds get trapped in chaotic perception and how to stop it.
Learn to separate chaotic perception from current reality
Reconnect the aspects that will restore optimal physiological functions
Enjoy a restoring breathwork session designed to refresh your mind and optimize your rest and healing.

Session Two – Let Go (60 Minutes)

We take the concepts we previously explored to the next level. In this session you will:

Learn what factors perpetuate chaotic perception and what to do about them.
Learn about the healing power of intermittent hypoxia, nitric oxide, and how to optimize them for health and healing.
Continue mastering this crucial skill to stop chaotic perception and embrace what it carries.
Chicken or the Egg? Releasing stored patterns vs. self-regulation.
Enjoy an exclusive and more powerful breathwork session with new elements to help you tame chaotic perception more efficiently.

Session Three – Heal (75 Minutes)

We put it all together in one amazing event. In this session you will:

Learn useful techniques to tame the chaotic mind when breathwork is not possible.
Learn how to spot and spot perpetuating factors when they’re sneaking in.
Enjoy our most powerful breathwork session yet, where we put all the elements together to help you reset your mind and make it less vulnerable to chaotic perception.

The Best Part?

You get to join us from the comfort of your home! Just find an area you can turn into a temporary sanctuary and you’ll be all set.

Now, I understand that life is not perfect and sometimes:

  • You can’t make it on the scheduled dates.
  • You need to leave earlier.
  • The session times are too early or too late for you.

Well, I've got you!

You’ll get access to the recordings for two months so you may review and practice at your own pace and convenience.

Remember What You've Been Asking Me?

It’s been pretty much the same question over the years: What can I do to extend the benefits of Counterstrain therapy?

I didn’t quite know how to answer. Most of you were already leading healthy lifestyles and that didn’t seem to prolong the results. I thought I had to improve my treatment sequencing but even as Counterstrain evolved many still experienced setbacks.

I wasn’t until I learned how destructive the physiology of chaotic perception can be that I realized that unless you were empowered to reclaim your mind, the physiology of chaotic perception would be rampant and diminish—or even nullify—the results from your sessions.

I Will Be Your Coach in This Journey

One of my greatest joys is guiding others to mastering skills they didn’t think possible—that’s why I enjoyed my Strength and Conditioning Coaching career so much. The Coach is still pretty much alive in me and I cannot wait to show you how much power you have over your healing.

As much as the experiences that led me to breathwork sucked, I’m grateful for how they steered my attention to a powerful modality I would’ve otherwise dismissed as New Age nonsense. SOMA Breath has allowed me to enjoy a healing calmness I didn’t know was possible—one I believe we all deserve to experience.

Until then, I wish you a joyous and pain-free life.

Coach Izzy - Certified Counterstrain Therapist

Certified Counterstrain Therapist (CSC I)
SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor
Author, Speaker, and Educator